roddenberry_comic_siteNew York, NY (February 9, 2009) – Roddenberry Productions and Archaia
announced a new collaborative partnership that will bring original
Roddenberry content back to the comic space. The deal was announced at
New York Comic Con and will bring the new original title Days Missing to
market with an initial run of five books, the book will debut this July
at San Diego Comic Con.

 Days Missing will mark Roddenberry’s first new comic book title in
several decades. Roddenberry is most remembered for bringing the iconic
Star Trek franchise to life and in recent years has worked to bolster
the brand’s overall science-fiction slate. Archaia is the industry
leader in high-concept comic books. The company, which was acquired by
Kunoichi Inc. in late 2008, is among the upper echelon of independent
comic publishers and has published such popular titles as Mouse Guard
The Killer, Artesia, Killing Pickman and Awakening.

 “We are very excited to be working with an industry leader such as
Archaia,” commented Trevor Roth, C.O.O. of Roddenberry Productions.
“With projects like Days Missing we are renewing our commitment to
bringing fans smart, provocative and compelling science fiction, the
essence of Roddenberry entertainment. In Archaia we’ve found a brand
partner that will help us fulfill that commitment in the comic book

 “As a publisher and someone who works in the science fiction arena,
there is no more meaningful name than Roddenberry,” commented Stephen
Christy, Head of Development for Archaia. “We are delighted to be
working such a legendary name to create the premium, cutting-edge
content that has come to define Archaia comics.”

 Aside from the title, details for the upcoming series have not been
announced. For more information and to get the latest on Days Missing,
please visit <>  or <> .